About Menominee

Camp Menominee For Boys


Menominee was founded in 1928 in the Beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin and has been a family-owned camp ever since.

This is vital because the family-atmosphere at CM produces summer-long fun for boys of all ages and places them in an environment to grow, learn, mature, and achieve at their own levels and interests.

Menominee campers make friends and memories which last a lifetime. This is due in no small part to the six guiding principles which are focused on in every area of camp life.

The Menominee Way:

  1. Attitude
  2. Determination
  3. Heart
  4. Leadership
  5. Spirit
  6. Sportsmanship

These six highly-valued CM characteristics help our campers become the best they can be, both at camp and continuing throughout their lives.



Menominee Programs: Meeting All Needs

CM offers a variety of stay-options that run from four days to eight weeks! Boys of all ages attend all the programs based on their personal needs. No matter how long you are at camp, we honor your cabin placement requests.

Our Rookie Program gives an awesome first-taste of overnight camping. (Transportation is included.)

We offer two, four, and eight week programs for our boys who are looking for something a little longer than Rookie Camp.

Two Week Session – A Great Experience.

Four Week Session – The Best Month Ever!

Eight Week Session – The Entire Traditional CM Season.

Boys of all ages go for all different options. It depends on the camper and their individual choice.