Dates and Rates

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Camp Menominee 2017


Dates, Enrollment Fees and Discounts

Full Season: June 19 – August 10:                                                             $8800

Four Weeks: June 19 – July 14 / July 16 – August 10:                          $5400

Two Weeks Rookie Program I: June 19 – July 2:                                   $3000

Two Week Rookie Program II: July 16 – July 29:                                  $3250

*An additional Camper Fund charge will be applied to cover transportation (excluding flights), camper spending money, day trips, the camp store and other misc. expenses. We are eliminating the multiple additional line items from previous years.

To enroll, you must complete an online application for each camper.


  1. Early Bird Deadline: September 15, 2016
  2. Early Bird Discount: All Campers Signed-Up (with $1000 Deposit) by September 15, 2016 will Receive $100 enrollment credit for 4-weeks and $200 for 8-weeks.
  3. CM Lottery: All families signed up for camp by September 15 AND Paid-in-Full by October 15, 2016 will be entered into The CM Lottery to Win 50% off enrollment fees (Camper Fund Fees still apply).
  4. Eight Week Career “Lock-In”: All Eight Week Campers signed up by September 15 and Paid-in-Full By October 15, 2016 “Lock-In” Their 2017 Tuition Fee for the Life of Their Camp Career! **All families who locked-in the 2016 rate will see the discount appear on their statement after they complete the online application.
  5. Brother Discount: Each Brother Receives $200 enrollment credit.

Referral Program:

  1. Referral Discount: $200 for Two Weeks, $300 for Four Weeks, $500 for Eight Weeks. (Applicable for New Family Referrals.)
  2. Hosting a Get-Together: If your family hosts a group home visit that allows us to present Menominee to 2 or more new families, we will give you a $250 credit towards enrollment, regardless if the families enroll in camp. Additionally, you will be eligible for the referral discount if one or more of the families enroll their son.

Please Note:

  • The two-week sessions will only be offered to first year or “rookie” campers. If your son was a 2-week camper in 2016, they must enroll for 4 or 8 weeks in 2017.
  • After September 15, 2016, the Early Bird Sign-Up Period will be Closed. Subsequently, we will have the CM Lottery, a drawing of all campers who have paid in-full. We will draw one name from the group and the camper selected will win the session that was paid in-full for free. At that point, the winning family will receive a 50% of their Enrollment Fee.
  • Discounts, including the lottery winner, apply to enrollment fees only. All camper fund and additional charges will still apply.

Program Protection

We want to help our families as much as we can. We know you make a significant investment in camp and we want to help you protect this investment. This year, Trip Mate Insurance Agency is offering Program Protector insurance to our families.. This program protects the cost of your enrollment by providing Program Protection in the event you have to cancel your camp enrollment or your camp program is interrupted due to a covered reason. There is also a Cancel for Any Reason option you can opt in to. Please see Program Protector Intro for more information including contact information for the company and agent providing the service. This program is optional and is handled by an outside agency. You can enroll in Program Protector on the last page of your enrollment form.