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Meet CM’s Directors and Leadership

“Tone at the Top” is a term that is used to define management’s leadership and commitment towards openness, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. A set of principals and values is meaningless if your leadership is unwilling and unable to set the right tone. For years, we have taught our boys to do things the Menominee Way, and our leaders have set the strongest positive example during their combined 125 years of camping.

Jason Feldgreber – Owner/Director

jasonJason is a life-long camper. He started at Menominee when he was 10 years old and from the very second he entered the friendly confines he knew he wanted to be there forever.

Jason spent time as a camper, CIT, Counselor and Associate Director in his years at Menominee before becoming the Owner and Director during his 15 year CM career. Jason grew up in Buffalo Grove, IL and continued on to the University of Texas. After graduating from Texas with a Masters degree, Jason spent a few years in public accounting before entering the camping community. Jason was the Director of Operations at Camp Lenox in Massachusetts before returning home to be the new Owner/Director of CM.

Jason strongly believes in the core values that have been instilled in Menominee campers for generations and is thrilled help provide the incredible experience he had growing up at Menominee to current and future campers.

Senior Staff

We are thrilled to have a wealth of experience on our administration! Tom and Pam Adler are returning for their 7th Summer at Menominee as our Associate Directors, Assistant Director David “Woody” Wood will be back for year number 27 and Director of Youth Development Jeff Toombs will be joining us for his 9th Summer! Menominee is also lucky enough to have Director of Operations Terry Jones and Waterfront Director Andrew Schofield back on our administrative team for their 6th summer.

Meet Tom

After 27 years as the Owner and Director of Chippewa Ranch Camp for Girls in Eagle River, Wisconsin, Tom brings his unique passion, warm personality, and a wealth of experience to the Menominee family. With over 50 years in resident camping Tom has touched the lives of thousands of campers. Tom, the acclaimed author of Campingly Yours, a heartfelt memoir of his years at summer camp, will be spending his 8th summer at Menominee.

Meet Pam:

I’m Pamela Adler, one of the Associate Directors on camp. This is my 7th summer at Menominee. Tom Adler and I were the former owner/directors of the girls camp around the corner, Chippewa Ranch Camp. The very camp that Jason’s mom attended as a camper/counselor! Camp certainly gets in your blood, it did mine! In total, I will be celebrating my 32nd year in camping this summer.

During the off-season, I am a former school teacher of 20 years in Tucson, AZ. I had the pleasure of working with students who are deaf, multiple disabilities, and on the Autism Spectrum. Currently, I am a registered yoga teacher/therapist and meditation coach.

At camp, you can find me teaching skiing, fitness, yoga, cheering in the mess hall, and being mommy to our three dogs. I will be of general service to Jason, the Administration, and to all of YOU!  I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones! See you in June.

Meet Woody:

David Wood, otherwise known as ‘Woody’ is coming back for his 27th summer. Parents know him as the author of Woody’s Word, our camp blog. He also writes the daily schedule and is the guy who knows camp inside out, upside down and backwards. He has become known as the ‘glue’ that holds
the whole thing together. His wealth of experience with the boys at camp and children at school helps to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun summer.
Woody started at the Friendly Confines in 1987 as a cabin/activity counsellor, and 30 years later he is still here helping to enrich the lives of our boys, and to make a positive difference in whatever way he can. He will be wherever he needs to be in order to make camp work for everyone this summer. He spends the winter months in England where he teaches high school. He has three children of his own – Tasha, Tyler and Brodie – all of whom have spent their fair share of time at Menominee
Bring on the summer!

Meet Jeff:

I first found Menominee in 1999 and was hired for Hockey and Megaphone (Camp newspaper) Quickly my relationship with Camp became far more than I had first thought possible.  Over the years, I have held positions as an Associate Director, Program Director and Head Counsellor.  I credit camp and its leadership for much of the guidance and mentorship that has led me to working with youth for almost 20 years. I have worked with Boys and Girls Club for over 12 years supporting high risk youth with multiple barriers and their families. Our Menominee parents have afforded us the opportunity to help raise their boys while they are with us each summer.  I work with the counsellors in the support and promotion of a trauma informed practice, pro social engagement and a strengths based approach with our boys.  These strategies help us to achieve our goal of having your son find that which makes him feel heard, unique and have purpose.  I consider every summer at Menominee an opportunity to sharpen and learn how better to support our youth.  I make it my daily work to ensure this is done with the utmost safety and respect we all need to grow to develop “confidence, skills for life and build positive relationships”.

Meet TJ:

My name is Terry (TJ) Jones. I am from the great city of Chicago and I am the Director of Operations. This will be my 6th summer at Menominee and my 15th year in camping (camper and counselor). I played tennis at Concordia University Wisconsin and I serve as the Tennis Director at Camp. I can also be seen around the Mike Dunleavy basketball courts and pretty much every other court and field at camp.  I can’t wait to get the summer of 2017 started!

Meet Andrew:

Hi my name is Andrew Schofield I am from Liverpool England. This will be my 6th summer at Camp Menominee and 3rd as the Waterfront Director. I have experience as a Lifeguard, Boat Driver and even a little Rifelry at camp. This year I am lucky enough to lead a group of diverse and experienced waterfront staff down at beautiful Sand Lake. There is no better place on earth to spend a summer! We are flush with Lifeguards that have backgrounds in rescue diving, Water ski/Wakeboard instruction and certifications on small boats and crafts.  See you all soon!


Our live-in counselors are made up of long time former campers, returners and new counselors. We look for well rounded, nurturing guys with our international staff providing diversity. You can meet our staff by clicking here!