Why Menominee?

For a traditional camp with lots of sports, Menominee takes a unique approach to competition.

You don’t have to be a great athlete to be liked, accepted or part of the team. In other words, it’s ok that you’re not perfect!

Try your best, learn from mistakes and enjoy yourself.

This is not a subtle philosophy.

It permeates every area and relationship in camp.
In this type of environment, campers feel comfortable just being themselves – freeing them up to make lots of friends and to reach their potential in every part of their life at camp.

Statement of Purpose

Camp Menominee provides a safe and healthy camp environment under the direction of a professional, responsive and caring staff.

Programming includes all major land sports and water activities integrated with an appreciation of nature and its surroundings.

Emphasis is on being the best you can be, sportsmanship, individual growth and responsibility, camaraderie, friendships, respect of others and the importance of tradition and great memories.