Welcome to the Camp Menominee Store! The items pictured below are exclusive 2017 CM items. Only a limited number are available so order ASAP.  Note: All specialty items purchased through camp will delivered to you in June or waiting for you son when he arrives to camp.

The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the Amerasport store where you can get the required Green, White and Grey Menominee t-shirts, and other essential packing items sold year-round. All shipping and handling for these items will be handled by Amerasport.

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The Amerasport Catalogue has the generic Green, White and Grey Menominee t-shirts required in the packing list as well as other Green and White Gear and essential camp packing items.
These items are available annually. You will purchase from our third party vender Amerasport. Follow the link above to enter the Store.