Steve and Bari
Please also know that the very first thing Jack said when he got off the plane was “do you think it would be possible for me to go longer next summer?” So thank you again for another fabulous summer. Jack has a really happy life here at home with lots of friends but I could wake him in the dead of night and tell him “I am putting you on a plane to Menominee in an hour” and he would say “awesome!” What you do is truly a gist for our boys.
All the best,

Steve –
Thanks so much for taking care of things at camp with Max. You are an awesome camp director and even a greater friend to us all. Thanks for making Max feel safe. He loves camp and one part of the attraction is the way you handle things with peer pressure and helping the boys work through things. The lessons you are teaching them will shape them not only today, but for the future!

Hi Steve and Bari,
I can’t thank you both enough for letting Ryan and Jacob spend the night at camp and play there most of the day. They loved, loved it! Throughout our ride home, Julie and I could hear them say, “Our camp”, “my cabin”, “my friend”, etc. They felt so comfortable and especially loved when they were each called down over the loud speaker and you told them which team they were on for green and white. Also, it was comforting for me to see how happy Jackson is (except for last night when he first saw me!).
You both run a wonderful camp.

Dear Steve,
I just wanted to let you know how overwhelmed I am regarding your recognition of Ethan. I wanted to thank you, Woody, Tom, Pamela and everyone else that makes Menominee such a special place. This is clearly the highlight of Ethan’s life to date and I am so appreciative that you awarded him the Wasserman award. I know that he deserves it and I am very proud of him always. Camp is his favorite place and those weeks are his favorite time of the year, and to have him recognized at that level (i.e., for him to see that jersey on the wall with his name on it) is surreal for him. Don’t want to sound too cheesy, but it is really special to all of us.
Thank you all for all you do!

Steve and Bari,
Ann and I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for an incredible summer experience for Josh. It was simple – he loved camp!! He has talked non stop about it since coming back and can’t wait for next year, but most importantly we wanted to share with you what a change that we have seen in him as a result of his camp experience. He has really come back to us a more mature, confident and outgoing boy – he has gone from being shy and reserved, to just jumping in to make new friends….from being reserved to getting in the middle of things and mixing it up….more confident in standing his ground… and many more little things. It is clear that the mix of having the right camp environment, with the right leaders and protocols at Camp Menominee is what led to what we see. We were nervous about him even going for a week, but now we are just excited as Josh for him to spend a month!!
Obviously Camp Menominee has a very special place in our hearts, and we hoped he would have a great time, but this summer for exceeded even our high expectations. Many, many thanks for helping our son on his road to becoming a man.
We just signed up for next year – he is currently registered for the first 2 week session. He (and we) would like to send him for the 4 week, but we have a clash with our cabin vacation that starts July 4 – we are working on moving our cabin vacation out to late July to allow him to go to 4 week camp, but this may not happen. If it does, we will email you promptly to let you know. Also, Josh and I will be back for Father/Son next year, but I will register and pay next spring.
Wishing you a fun fall and winter. See you next year.
Scott & Ann

Hi Steve & Bari,
I do not even know where to begin! Thank you!!! Logan has not stopped talking about camp. He said he had such a blast! When asked about the cabin mates his answer was we all got along! Neil and I can’t thank you enough for talking such wonderful care of our boy. Menominee is his home away from home! Thanks again for everything you do! Keep in touch! Enjoy the rest of the summer. We hope to see you when you return for the winter.
Thanks again!

Robyn & Neil