18 June 2012

Posted: June 18 2012

Welcome aboard everybody to another summer in the North Woods. My name is Woody and I shall be keeping you in touch with what we do here this year at camp. I shall endeavour to post the Word no later than midnight everyday, so that no matter where you are in the world – and the Menominee family is spread far and wide – you can read about our day and all the exciting things that are going on here.
Camp officially started today as the buses rolled in at 3.10 this afternoon. The sun shone and the crowds hollered as the boys made their way into Wasserman Hall for our pep rally. The cabins were announced and then everyone went back to unpack and settle in.
Our first task this afternoon was to complete a few administrative duties. This included signing up for activities, health checks and depositing any valuables that the boys might want us to look after. After that was done it was time to play! Each cabin then had an hour or so to do whatever they wanted as a cabin. As it was so hot and humid many of them chose to play water-basketball in the shallow end of the lake. Other cabins went into the woods to find their campsites and still others went off to play softball.
By the time 5.30 rolled around everyone was hungry and eager to tuck into their first camp dinner of the summer.
More cabin activites followed at 6.30 before shower and dip at 7.15. Shower and or dip is compulsory for everyone, everyday here at camp. Apart from anything else, ‘you gotta be clean if you want canteen’ (and I’ll explain more about that another time).
So here we are at 10.45 on a beautiful North Woods evening. The sky is clear, the stars are out and the lake is still. All is well folks, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,