20th June 2012

Posted: June 20 2012

What a difference 24 hours makes. This time yesterday I was telling you about the beautiful evening we were having. Tonight it is warm and wet; very wet. We had a thunderstorm roll through here at around 6.30 and while that passed on, the rain stayed. We need the rain – and we love rainbows – and luckily for us it came at just the right time as we were starting our evening programme. The boys were getting ready for their first ‘campfire’ of the summer, so the rain gave us ample time to prepare. When I say campfire i don’t mean a real campfire, I mean a ‘performance’ or skit on stage in Wasserman Hall. Sometimes we do have a real campfire around a real fire down at the lake, but more often than not it is in Wasserman Hall that the campfire takes place. This is a great opportunity for the boys to do something other than play sports. We have talent shows and magic shows and quiz nights and dramatic performances, but tonight it was the turn of Lip Sync. Each cabin had to mime and perform to a tune of their choice and the judges chose one winner from each age group – Junior, Intermediate and Senior. There was some great talent and creativity on show tonight and the winners were worthy winners indeed.
Before the rain came it had been hot and sunny and humid. We had got through a normal day with Final Four this morning and MCAA (Menominee Camping Athletic Association) league action this afternoon and two Generals, so we have been busy and productive. And how about this for dinner this evening; Chinese!! What a spread; what a feast!!
There was not a better place to be today than here at camp. We are living and learning and loving it. So all is well folks; like us, you can safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,