4th July Fireworks and Fun

Posted: July 4 2014

‘A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm’. Charles Schwab

What a great night of fireworks we’ve just had. It was the perfect evening. Indeed, it has been the perfect day to get the 4th July celebrations underway. It all started as we raised the flag this morning when instead of the bugle call to raise the flag the sound of God Save the Queen rang out over the p.a. There were some disgruntled campers around the flagpole upon hearing this and then the chant of U..S..A began to gain momentum and vigor.
British and American was underway!!
The water balloons had been filled and so it was off to the shuffleboard court to contest the Captain’s Duels. Each age group captain was up against his counterpart and the idea was to get your opponent as wet as possible with said balloon, without getting wet yourself. The Americans took this event before the British tied things up at Capture the Flag with a stirring 2-0 win. With the counselors included on teams, they contested a one-off game of Capture… and the Americans took this one. The much loved Squirt Gun Fight took place out on the golf course under a hot sun this afternoon, and by the narrowest of margins it was the British who prevailed this time.
So as we went into dinner everything was (is) tied up at two a piece. There is lots more to come tomorrow as B&A will span 3 or 4 days this year.
We went to Camp Marimeta for Girls on the other side of town this evening which is where we watched the fireworks. A great finish to a great day. Happy Birthday America; happy birthday Koz.
Life is good and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,