All Change (for the last time)

Posted: August 1 2015

‘A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search for truth and perfection, is a poverty-stricken day indeed: and a succession of such days is fatal to human life’. Lewis Mumford

Please forgive my absence last night. It was the last day of the first two weeks of the second session and the last day of the 6 week session. What that meant in practice was that there were many boys leaving today and we had a very early start this morning. Couple that with the (relatively) late night last night, and I am confident that your forgiveness will not be far behind.
We have analysed the competition result and have vowed to come back stronger and even better prepared next year. It was close, and we can close that gap with your help.
Camp goes on though. For those who are staying we have Green and White – our color war – about to start, and that is always a lot of fun. For those who left today and yesterday I want to thank you – and by extension – your parents for coming to camp this summer and helping to make camp what it is; a special place for everyone. Please know that camp is not about the buildings and the fields and the traditions and the food; camp is about you, the campers, the people that make camp what it is. Without you there is no camp; without you there are no traditions to pass on; without you there is no noise in the mess hall; without you there are no trips to enjoy and games to play; without you we have no reason to be here. And that would be a shame, as we enjoy being part of camp and being in the north woods for the summer. So please come back and do it all again next year.
I’m writing this after coming up from the fire where the boys have been roasting marshmallows on this beautiful evening. The temperature has dropped, as has the humidity, and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,