America trumps Britain in B & A

Posted: July 9 2014

‘A common people divided by a common language’. Ernest Hemmingway.

History repeated itself today as America ran out victors in this year’s B & A competition. It was Message to Garcia that really did for the Brits. That was wrapped up yesterday, but the celebrations continued today.
This morning we practiced for the competition with Camp Interlaken that took place this afternoon. Soccer, tennis, volleyball and basketball were the sports we competed in, and by 5 wins to 3 we came out on top. Way to go Green and White.
We let the boys loose a little this evening with some free play before gathering in Wasserman Hall – after the flag – for Music Night. This was a chance for the musicians amongst the boys to strut their stuff. We had guitars and singing and piano and saxophone and dancing that, together, made a great show.
And so we are almost done, at least for the first session. The weather is picking up – it’s cool and clear tonight with the promise of sun, sun, sun tomorrow – and the boys are finishing strong.
It goes without saying that we are looking forward to seeing all the parents up here at the weekend. I will write that bit now and bid you a safe journey north before you hit the road tomorrow.
All is well in our world, as I hope it is in yours, so safely rest.
goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,