A Beautiful Day In The Northwoods

Posted: July 31 2014

‘It is better to know your own faults than those of your neighbour’.

The Green team are edging ahead in the great colour war. They won by a clear 5 minutes in Menominee Monopoly this morning, and rumour has it they won Bari’s Biffers this afternoon. The Biffers is one of those games that is a camp classic. Getting chased and ‘hit’ with a sock-full of flour on a beautiful afternoon is what we live for. The idea is to complete as many ‘stations’ as you can while avoiding the Biffers, those unruly types who carry the socks full of flour and want nothing better than to hit you with it. It’s all good fun of course, and the boys seem to enjoy it.
We took a break from Green and White this evening and went to Chippewa Ranch Camp to socialize with the girls there. It’s always good to go and hang out with other people for a change, and if they are girls, then so much the better.
Our last Thursday has been great, and if we are to believe the weatherman, then tomorrow will be even better.
Yes, that’s right folks, even better. All is and will be well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,