Best of 2018 and a 2019 Staff Update

Posted: January 2 2019

On this VERY special episode of the Camp Cast, went back and listened to all of our podcasts from this summer and pulled out the best moments for you. Some of the topics/events highlighted: 1st Session Recap with the CITs, Skit Nights, Socials (10:50), Trip Week (32:20), Woody’s Arrival, 5-Year Night, 10-Year Night, Twilight League (45:20), B&A, G&W, S&W, our big competition with the other camp (59:40), and Funny Stories from the great eps we had this summer (1:30:40).

BUT FIRST we call Josh Ingram over in England for a special staff announcement and we discuss all of the returning staff signed on for 2019.

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