Camp Menominee Visiting Weekend Information

Posted: July 10 2018

Visiting Weekend is quickly approaching and I am sure you are all excited to see your boys!  We are equally eager to show off Camp Menominee to each of you, too!  In the meantime, there are a few details to go over before visiting weekend arrives:

1. Visiting Weekend officially begins on Friday, July 13th at 3:00 PM.  At that time, you will be allowed to pick up your son and take him out of camp. Parents arriving early will be asked to park and wait on the road adjacent to the soccer field. This policy will be strictly enforced by staff.  We ask that you respect this policy and either stay out of camp or remain in this area of camp until 3 PM.

2. Camp will be open Saturday, July 14th, 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM to parents, siblings, family, and friends! If you know of anyone that might want to check out Menominee for next summer, bring them up with you!  Our staff will be available to facilitate all our programs and activities.  We encourage you to come by camp, go out on our waterfront, use our climbing wall and maybe even play some softball!  On Saturday, July 14, there will be a great game of parent/son softball and our kitchen will be preparing an amazing lunch, so please come by and spend some time with us!

3. On Sunday, July 15th, we will be serving breakfast for everyone at 8:30 AM.

4.  Your son is allowed to sleep out of camp with you on Friday and Saturday night.  For those that are planning to take your son out of camp for the weekend, please have him back at camp no later than Sunday, July 15th at 8:30 AM.

5. For the safety of our campers, we ask that you do NOT bring any FOOD or PETS to camp with you.  Some of our campers have very severe food allergies. Please do not put other camper’s in danger just so your son can have a few extra snacks.  Keep all outside food outside!

6. We are an ACA accredited camp and ACA rules do not permit cash tips to our counselors. If you would like to express your gratitude, small gifts are acceptable.

7. Finally, please notify us if you are planning on being present during visiting weekend.  It is important for us to know the numbers of campers sleeping at camp.  If you will not be attending visitor’s weekend, you have the option of allowing your son to leave camp with a friend’s family. This will be allowed ONLY if you send us an email authorizing a specific family to take your son out of camp. Please make sure you communicate that with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday!  In the meantime, if you have any questions or further assistance, please call the office at 715-479-2267.

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