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Cabins at CM

Menominee’s Cabins, like the boys who live in them, are simply the best! All our modern cabins have knotty-pined walls, hardwood floors, electricity, restrooms and heat. 8-10 campers reside in each with their counselors. There are no dividing walls or rooms separating our counselors from their campers. There are no bunk beds at Menominee. Each boy has his own comfortable bed, shelving and adjacent storage areas. Mondays-Saturdays the boys are responsible for Cabin Clean-Up which is inspected by our Camp Nurse. If your cabin does well they get to raise the flag the next morning, and if they do amazing they will get Dairy Queen! Yes, the boys are even required to make their beds with “hospital corners”! There are all kinds of way to teach young men respect and responsibility. They get Sunday “off” from Cabin Clean-Up because Sunday is Lazy Day!

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