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Camper Travel Insurance

Hi Parents – Camp will run in the summer of 2021, however we do not know what things will look like as it relates to COVID, and we also know a lot of you are awaiting school and sports schedules for the summer. In addition we have been working tirelessly to make sure that we continue to be the great camp everyone knows and loves while also protecting your investment and your financial trust in us. 

As a part of that mission, we have partnered with Travel Insured International to provide you with coverage options for this year, which will give you opportunities to get some or all of your money refunded should you have to cancel your camp enrollment between now and June. Below is all of the information about the protection plans available.  

Plans and Cost

Student Protection Plan (already purchased for you): As we mentioned in the enrollment emails, we have already purchased their Student Protection Plan for every camper that enrolls this summer! This comes at no cost to you and offers benefits for trip cancellation, trip interruption and more! This plan will allow you to be reimbursed for non-refundable fees paid for the summer (aka deposits and monthly installments) should you have to cancel for a covered reason. See the full plan document for a list of the covered reasons and details about how it works. For example, if your son contracts COVID and cannot come to camp, that may be covered by the Student Protection plan. This plan also offers additional benefits such as Accident and Sickness Medical Expense while your son is at camp. You already have this is and do not need to do anything to opt in.

Student Deluxe Cancel for Any Reason Plan: In addition to the above, we are giving every family the chance to upgrade to the Student Deluxe Cancel for Any Reason plan. This helps provide coverage should your son need to cancel his session for any reason. You can upgrade to the Student Deluxe Cancel for Any Reason plan for $150 (2/4-weeks) or $250 (8-weeks). This will be a great way for you to secure a sport in camp, pay your balance, but get your money back should something come up in the next 8 months. 

Note: Please read the Plan Document (attached) for the full details of the CFAR Coverage. CFAR coverage will allow you to recover 75% of the nonrefundable, insured trip cost (enrollment fees paid) up to $10,000. Trip cancellation must be 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled departure. CFAR must be purchased at the time of original plan purchase. You must pay the full cost for all non-refundable trip costs to us prior to cancellation. CFAR is not available to residents of NY.

How to Opt-In to the Cancel for Any Reason Plan

If you’d like to opt into the Cancel for Any Reason Plan you can do that in one of two ways:

Send Jason and email saying, “I would like to opt-in to the Cancel for Any Reason Plan for my son(s) for this year.” OR Log-In to your account and fill out the “Enrollment Insurance” form on your forms dashboard.

We will not be cancelling camp this summer, but we also do not know where our country will be at with COVID-19. So we are offering these plans to help protect you and to help camp run in the off-season. Because of this, Camp will not offer any refunds after September 15, 2020. After that time, you would need to file a claim with the travel insurance company. We will help you with that process.

Please keep in mind, this is our first year working with this protection plan model, so as we get responses back, we will formulate a list of FAQs and send them out. In the meantime, please call to discuss or email with any questions and we’ll get everything sorted out. This is a plan, model, and company that many other camps we know work with, and we are excited about this partnership!



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