Can it get any Hotter?

Posted: July 26 2015

‘Do as well as you can do today and, perhaps, tomorrow you may be able to do even better’. Anon.

Lazy Day Sunday; the official laid-back day of the week. We woke the guys at 10.00 and got straight into a meeting in Wasserman Hall. From there we broke into cabin activities – find a campsite maybe – before lunch with counselor waiters.
This afternoon we did a few team practices and sign ups for the forthcoming competition with Camp Kawaga. Dinner was hot dogs and chips in the woods. That used to be one of my favorite activities.
We have resurrected movie night on Sunday night and so, with the Senior division in the lodge and everyone else in Wasserman Hall, we spent a relaxing 90 minutes watching a movie.
It certainly has been a hot one today – it said 92 in Eagle River this afternoon – and it is still warm and muggy now. Indeed, it is now warmer in the buildings than outside. But we soldier on. There is very little that could prevent has from having a good time at camp.
The Senior cabin have just finished Ask the Director in the front office and now it is time for some well-earned rest.
Hot or cold, sunny or cloudy, all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,