Posted: July 13 2017

‘What do you say when someone says that you are in denial, but you’re not?’

The King of the Camp championships were played all day, and it looks like the Phoenix have triumphed. The Senior basketball was supposed to take place as I write this, but the rain has ruined that. It’s not actually raining right now, but the courts are still wet from the earlier downpour. Oh well.

We did get Senior TLL underway after dinner, and TLL is what we’ll be doing all day tomorrow as we wind down the first session.

On Friday, those of you venturing north to Eagle River will be very welcome at camp at 3pm. By all means swing by a little earlier if you wish, and the counsellors on duty will park you out on the golf course as your boys get ready to meet and greet you. The logistics of Friday mean that after the bus leaves at 8.30am, the rest of the morning will be spent moving and cleaning cabins. The boys who remain here will also be out playing at some point before showering after lunch and making themselves presentable.

I’m hoping the weather holds for your visit. Accuweather is confident, so why shouldn’t I be? Why? Because as Noah once memorably said, ” the forecast is for showers”. Could he have been more wrong? We shall see.

It’s hot and muggy tonight, but all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,