Cool Sunday

Posted: July 24 2017

‘Blame it on the weather; Noah did.’

Lazy Day Sunday is rarely actually lazy, despite its name. We start late, yes, but we go late too. And with the girls from Chippewa Ranch camp here this evening for a colour run and social, it meant that it was 10.15 before the last of the girls left. The colour run is a lot of fun, with just about everybody getting covered in red, orange, yellow or green powder. It washes out, but the fun is trying to run and not get hit by the powder. Of course some guys like to get covered in coloured powder, and those guys did not disappoint.

I was worried that the whole affair might not work as planned after the temperature took a dive to the bottom of the barrel. I’m not sure where the other 15+ degrees went from yesterday, but boy was it cooler today.

We spend a lot of time on Sunday in cabin activities, especially in the morning. Finding a campsite for your cabin is all-important as that is where the boys will cook their hotdogs for Sunday dinner. We even make developing the campsite a competitive event with a pizza party available for the cabin with the best campsite.

There is more competition tomorrow night as the counsellors go head-to-head with the guys from Kawaga. The fun just keeps on coming.

It’s all good, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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Woody's Word,