Posted: August 6 2015

‘If I take a photo of a photo of you, do I have a photo of you or a photo of a photo of you’? OUCH!

D-Day hit camp this afternoon as the Green and White teams squared off against one another in an attempt to get up the hill from the lake without being squirted with the deadly black dye. There were obstacles and ‘bombs’ and snipers everywhere, but I’m happy to say that no-one was mortally wounded, but everyone did have fun. Unless, of course, you were on the Green team, in which case it probably wasn’t quite as much fun, as they ended up losing. The Whites are forging ahead now, although there is still a lot of Green and White to go. The big ones – the Relay and The Sing – are wide open and anyone’s for the taking right now.
This morning we played Bari’s Biffs, a game of running and answering questions and completing tasks; and avoiding a sock full of flour wielded by one of the 5 biffers wandering the grounds. You had to be quick to get out of their way. As with D-Day later in the day, everyone had fun and no-one was fatally wounded.
The boys have just finished the Spelling Bee in Wasserman Hall, and I want to get this published before the rain comes and blocks out the computer connection. We need the rain, as it is pretty dry. Let’s just hope it is only rain and not another fireworks show.
Early to bed and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,