Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Posted: July 21 2016

Good evening Menominee Family – What a Wednesday! You may see a slight change in style of the Word tonight…I thought I would give Woody the night off. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and I promise to have Woody back in true form tomorrow night.

We had a hot one at camp today! I think it got up to 89 degrees at one point. Don’t worry though, we were all wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. We kept with our normal structure today with our instructional (aka Big Ten) activities in the morning and Leagues in the afternoon. The waterfront was a popular spot today and a dip in Sand Lake was exactly what some of our boys needed. We played another game of Twilight League after dinner and the Seniors were lucky enough to have guest umpires Teddy (Ticker) Roth and Jeremy Kohlenbrenner who were up visiting with fellow alum Barry Schwartz. We have had a lot of former campers and counselors visit this summer and it is very special to share memories across generations. There are so many guys out there who grew up at camp and have countless shared experiences, but have never met one another.

Then after ALL of that we had one of our favorite “campfires”…Dance Night! Each cabin had to pick a song and choreograph a dance to that song. Some of our boys stole the show with a dance to “Blame it on the Boogie” by the Jackson 5 and “Baby Got Back” among others. Everyone got into it! We even changed things up a bit and moved Wasserman Hall to the near basketball court so we could be outside on this beautiful evening. Check it out!


We played taps a couple hours ago and the boys are resting up for a big day tomorrow. We really have an amazing group of boys this session so thank you for sending your son to Menominee.

All is well, safely rest. Goodnight everybody.

For the Love of Camp,


Woody's Word,