Fabulous Friday

Posted: June 25 2016

‘I’m never going to be a movie star. But then again, and in all probability, Brad Pitt or George Clooney are never going to sit around a CM campfire telling and sharing stories.’  WOODY

It’s almost the weekend!! Not that it makes much difference here as one day blends in to another as we lose track of time and dates. Not only that but the time has been flying by because of the great weather. So the more we do the quicker the time goes. And we’ve been doing more of the same all day today in the 80 degree weather.

We built sandcastles in place of TLL this evening as the Senior cabin and CITs were (are) out on the town. The beach was divided up and the cabins got 30 mins to design and build or sculpt something. It was the octopus of Cabin 3 that won, although a special mention must go out to cabin 10 and the one actual castle that was built. Oh,  and Victoria the mermaid, courtesy of cabin 12.

I’ll bet Brad and George don’t get to do that either. See; every job has its perks, and this one has many, which is why all is well on this beautiful Northwoods evening, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!


Woody's Word,