Fantastic Friday at the Friendly Confines of Menominee

Posted: June 27 2014

‘Kindness is more important than wisdom and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom’. Anon

So Friday and the weekend is once more upon us. Not that that makes such a huge difference at camp. One day blends into another here, and they are all good. We don’t need to make the distinction between a weekday and a weekend because every day is a fun-filled activity, and our work is our play.
Today we played Camp Timberlane in sporting competition. The older boys stayed here and the younger ones went over to Woodruff. We played eight sports – soccer, football, baseball, tennis, Frisbee, archery, riflery and basketball. After some great effort and team-play Menominee just came up short 7 to 9. We are very proud of the boys and the way they participated. The games were played in the right spirit and the right attitude, something we think is very important here at camp. A narrow loss played by people who tried their best and really expended some effort is far more satisfying than an empty, hollow victory that is not played the right way. These are lessons that the boys will keep with them for a lifetime.
We just finished canteen and the rain came down again, but not before we got everyone into the Mess Hall for Horse Racing Night. This is one of those goofy campfires in which the Senior cabin dress up like horses and carry the boys from the youngest cabin around the mess hall ‘track’ in a ‘race’. It’s all a lot of fun and silliness and the boys really enjoy it.
I’m about to go back up there and watch the finish of the last race, so let me reassure you that all is well, so we can all safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,