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June 17-20, 2021

What is Father/Son Weekend?

It is the best weekend of the year! Every summer begins with a group of 160 dads and sons coming up to camp! Boys ages 4-16 join their dads on Thursday afternoon and enjoy non-stop fun through Sunday morning. 

What will the boys do at camp?

Anything they want! The program includes some all camp activities like capture the flag and relay races. We will all play in a Father/Son Green & White Color War. We’ll have free time so the campers and dads can explore all the camp activities. The waterfront, target sports and the climbing wall are open all weekend. And every night we will have a campfire down at Sand Lake with s’mores and banana boats!

How are the cabins assigned?

The dads and boys sleep in the cabins together. In the past, it has been through a combination of requests and camp matching up boys of similar age groups. For 2021, we ask that each group tell us who will be in your cabin. 

What are the main benefits of Father/Son Weekend?

  • Get to know our staff and over 40 current campers. 
  • Learn our grounds, experience how a typical day works and get used to sleeping at camp.
  • Meet an amazing group of dads and kids that will be your friends for life!
  • Enjoy a perfect Father/Son weekend bonding experience!

Cost: $395 (Dads), $195 (Campers)


Typical Day at Father/Son


















Wake Up



All Camp Activity (i.e. Capture the Flag)

General – All Activities Open

Activities Over/Wash Up for Lunch


Rest Period

All Camp Activity


Activities Over/Wash Up for Dinner


Evening Activity (still running around!)



Bonfire & S’mores/Banana Boats

TAPS Goodnight Everybody!

Suggested Packing List

Regular stuff: T-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks (lots), hats, pajamas

Warm stuff: long johns, fleeces, sweats, winter hats – some of the nights can get cold!

Shoes: sneakers, cleats (recommended), bball shoes, sandals, shower sandals (a must)

Sports: baseball gloves, bats, tennis rackets, bathing suits.

Bedding: We have, but if you want to bring extra or your own feel free. Comforter/blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, towels.

Misc: shampoo/soap, bug spray, sunscreen, cards, books, flashlights, chargers, water bottles, coolers, sunglasses, advil/pain killer of choice, rolls of quarters (for game room at bar down the road), lawn/soccer chairs.

2021 Details


We are requiring vaccinations for all adults (dad/grandfathers) that are participating in Father/Son this summer. This means that you are 2-weeks clear of the second dose of Pfizer/Moderna, or 2-weeks clear of the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. If you are not vaccinated or cannot get vaccinated (for medical reasons or otherwise) please reach out so we can discuss. We will ask for proof of vaccination prior to arrival. 


  1. Please remember the big 3: Masks, Outside and Distance…we want to go for 2 of those at all times. 
  2. Masks: We will be a little more conservative with our mask policy for Father/Son because a 3-day camp is not enough time to identify and isolate instances of COVID. As such, a more conservative approach will help protect our regular session campers and staff. 
    1. The golden rule is: if you are sharing airspace for an extended period of time with people outside your cabin, please wear a mask. Examples: when we make s’mores and banana boats down by the fire, we are all crowded around the fire and sharing a close physical space. So we will wear masks while making our s’mores and then separate 6-ft apart to eat them. When we are at trampball jumping on our own trampolines, we are not sharing physical space with others so no mask is necessary. But when we are standing in line, we most likely are. So let’s wear a mask. 
    2. Wearing a mask in the cabin is not mandatory as most of you will be sharing a cabin space with people you have identified as part of your circle. 
    3. You also do not need to wear a mask at the waterfront, but please remain 6ft apart from people who are not in you cabin if you are just hanging out at the beach. Remember, if we are outside and distanced…we don’t have to wear a mask. 
    4. Masks will be required in the dining area and anytime we need to go inside for any reason. 
    5. When in doubt, wear a mask. Our staff will know the protocol so you can always ask if it’s appropriate to take your mask off. 
    6. We will have signs and staff around to help you out and remind you throughout the weekend, but Dads, we will need your help guiding your boys on our masks policy. If you do not think your son can follow this, or you aren’t up for it, then you should skip 2021 F/S Camp.
  3. Staying In Camp: This one is very important. Normally at Father/Son there is time for dads and boys to go out of camp..maybe head to Pitlik’s to use the arcade or to the grocery store. This year, all unvaccinated campers must remain in camp for the entire weekend. We also ask that Dads restrict their activity to curbside pickup and quick runs to the gas station or convenience store for supplies. You are welcome to bring anything back to camp and enjoy it in the cabins, but runs to town with the boys and eating at restaurants are not OK this year. 


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