First Full Day

Posted: July 19 2016

‘It is wrong, always, everywhere and in every situation to believe anything without sufficient evidence.’ WK Clifford

I will believe what I see, and I saw a lot of good things today, our first full day of second session. The sun shone and it was a perfect start to the next 4 weeks. As tradition now has it, the first morning was taken up with the all-camp picture and the cabin photos. This is a very important and necessary piece of admin’ that might seem like a drag at the time, but all those who were in the picture will love to see the finished photo next year. For those of you who can’t wait, the picture should be up on-line already.

So that took up the morning and we figured the best way to proceed from that was to introduce Twilight League at lunchtime. This is our intra-camp softball league that might well be the most popular thing we do here. Every boy is on a team and we play in the evening between dinner and shower and dip. Centre Field (the song) introduces the evening’s games, although we couldn’t wait until this evening to get going, so we headed out at 2.30 ┬áthis afternoon for the first round of matches.

This evening, instead, we had the junior counselors host and run, Menominee Madness, a series of sports events that saw the older boys paired up with the younger boys. This was a great opportunity for the boys to get to know one another and to learn and play some new sports at the same time. It was a huge success.

We started Canteen at 8pm. This is the time of the day – and the only time of the day – that the boys can get a candy bar or a soda. ┬áThe boys are called to the only red and white building in camp, by the Hawaiian Punch song (Sure!!) and that is where they spend 35 minutes or so until the flag. It’s a relaxing part of the day when the boys can unwind and sit and talk and do nothing in particular. The boys who like to come to the office and hang out will do so at this time. We have Chinese checkers and Solitaire to keep them happy and amused.

Song and Cheer Night completed the day, and now they are well on their collective way to a good night’s sleep. A positive start and a great day, so I’m happy to say that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,