Great Effort

Posted: July 30 2015

‘An honorable loss is better than a dishonest win’. Anon

What a terrific effort from the boys in green today. It was neck and neck until around 6.00pm when Kawaga got that 33rd win, which meant that the competition was theirs this year. We managed to finish everything off – save for the wrestling – so the final score read 34-30; not bad when you consider they have 45 more campers than we do.
Our boys did their best, so we cannot criticize them. It was a long day with the sports coming thick and fast. What we learnt from this experience is that we have a very rosy future ahead of us. The effort and the determination and, more importantly, the sportsmanship we showed means that we can look forward with hope and enthusiasm.
You can read more about specific events in the on-line Megaphone over the next few days, but for now please know that we are very proud of everyone of the boys who played so hard today, the boys who represented Menominee in the Menominee Way.
We’re going to let them all sleep in tomorrow. They need the rest. And so do I.
We did not win, but all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,