Green and White…

Posted: August 5 2015

‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go’. T.S. Eliot.

British Bulldogs in the afternoon; Rug pile and Shoe Scramble in the morning and Mannequin Madness in the evening. That was the G and W line-up for yesterday (yes folks, I’m having to write this in the a.m again), and most of the events went the way of the White team. The Greens were a lot more creative in Mannequin Madness (the art of dressing someone up – as if they were a mannequin – in a particular theme), so they won that, but out on the athletic fields the Whites were far more dominant. We shall see if that continues this morning with two more Green and White events to contest.
In between all that we also got back into some MCAA league action. The fun never stops here at CM, and with time running out we still have a lot to pack in.
We are waking up to a much cooler Northwoods this morning. The mist is thick out across the lake, although the sun in the clear, blue sky will burn that off pretty quickly I fancy. Meal times and the weather dictate, to a very large extent, how the days pan out. The weather gets a much bigger mention than the food, so let me just say that the food this year has been great and plentiful. So when the sun shines and there is scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, then life is good.
And life is good and all is well this morning, so safely rest.
Good Day everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,