Green and White Field Day

Posted: August 9 2016

‘We’re not retreating; we’re simply advancing in a different direction.’

I’ve just come into the office from the Sing, and I have to tell you that once again, the Sing was of a high quality. Both teams have been working hard toward this night, and it showed. The discipline and the order, the timing and the direction had been well-practiced. It was a shame that only one team could win it, but that has to be the way of things. By a score of 3-2 the Whites just edged it. And that completes the comeback. The Whites have now taken the overall lead, and it is theirs to lose as we head into the Relay tomorrow.

Earlier in the day the Whites prevailed in Field Days too. They really have turned this around, so tomorrow is all-important. The Relay will take place at 2pm, and the winner takes all. The forecast is favourable, so I’m expecting a great day, and a very close contest, a contest that will do both the Relay in particular and the competition in general justice.

For now, though, as I hear Taps blowing over the pa, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,