We’re Having a Heatwave…

Posted: July 21 2014

‘Young men think old men are fools, while old men know young men to be so. Wisdom, like so much else in life comes with the advancing years’.

Nature jacked the heat up today. What a stark contrast to this time last week. We are back in the 80s and it’s all systems go. Having great weather like this means that there is no stopping us. We have had team practices most of the day, although we cut them a little short this afternoon to give everyone an opportunity to get down to the waterfront to cool off.
We enjoyed some free play this evening before shower and dip, canteen and a brief meeting in Wasserman Hall where the Senior cabin and cabin 13 (along with the CITs) learnt that they would be going to St Germain to watch the counselor softball team in action under the lights tonight, against the counselors from Camp Kawaga.
So we have a slightly different vibe about the place at the moment, as we prepare for competition on Wednesday and Thursday. Competition can be unpredictable; just look at the recent World Cup in Brazil. And who would have thought that so many big names would have crashed out of the Tour de France already.
As we move toward the big ‘test’, please know that all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,