Holiday Weekend

Posted: July 3 2016

‘We are all ignorant in different ways, for there is much to learn and, therefore, much to be ignorant about.’ WOODY.

We lost power again this evening, although this time the power was cut deliberately by the dastardly British. It is that time of year again when the B and A hostilities are rekindled, as the Stars and Stripes and the Union flag go to ‘war’.

The horse racing in the mess hall had just finished and we were busy enjoying a Dina Mia pizza party when the camp was plunged into darkness around 9.45. There was a bit of panic at first, but order was quickly restored and Jason stepped out to see what was wrong. I then followed as Jason would not answer his radio, and I found him tied to the volleyball post. The British were surrounding him with what looked liked rifles. Assistance was urgently needed, so everyone poured forth from the mess hall. As everyone massed on the field, a truck roared in from OCR (Old Counselors Road) with the American flag flying and music blaring out. The American ‘good guys’ had come to save the day.

History tells us that the Americans were victorious in ousting the British from their new-found land. It is for this reason that July 4th is such a special day in the American calendar. In Britain this date goes unnoticed, ignored and forgotten. Is that because the British were glad to be rid of the troublesome colony? It matters not some 200 years later, although it matters for the purposes of B and A at camp.

After the teams were picked in Wasserman Hall and everyone found themselves on either the British or American team, we eventually retired to bed. It’s been a long, hot day.

So begins a great weekend of B and A themed events that will culminate in the fireworks on Monday night (the 4th) at Camp Marimeta. First thing tomorrow will be the Captain’s Duels.

MCAA leagues are done and the awards were presented around the fire after dinner this evening. Cabin 13 went to DQ for getting 50 points in clean up, and the beach party at Sand Lake this afternoon was a hot and sunny success.

It’s Saturday night in the North Woods; it’s 55 degrees and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,