It’s a Hot One

Posted: July 20 2016

‘What do we live for, if it is not to make life a little less difficult for each other.’ George Eliot.

The most common way to start a conversation – apparently – is to pass judgement on the weather. So let me start with that tonight: it is hot! 75 degrees, still, as I write this at 9.30 this evening. The boys are in Wasserman Hall playing Let’s Make a Deal, and it’s even warmer in there, (even with fans on). And it’s meant to get into the 90s by the end of the week. The waterfront will be doing good business I think.

Our first normal day kicked off with the Big Ten, our instructional activity in the morning. The boys get to sign up for the activities of their choice and it is in these two slots, in the morning, when they get instruction in how to play. Whether it is throwing a softball, creating space in soccer, running bases in baseball, shooting arrows and guns, writing for the Megaphone, or swimming in the lake, there is something for everyone, and everyone – hopefully – will get better at whatever it is they are doing.

Having learnt how to play the games, the boys then put all that into practice in the afternoon at their MCAA (Menominee Camping Athletic Association) leagues. We believe in sports and competing, as these activities have valuable lessons to teach anyone. We encourage full participation and involvement, and there will be awards and recognition at the end of the session for those who have stood out and really made their mark. All of this is done in a healthy and fun atmosphere, where no-one gets down on anyone else, and everyone, no matter what role they play, matters.

I am lucky that I have been able to write this as early as I have tonight. Despite the heat and humidity, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,