Hot Thursday

Posted: July 21 2017

‘Over-schooled, but under-educated: what’s gone wrong?’

As I write this tonight, the cheers from the Mike Dunleavy basketball courts are echoing around the North Woods as the counsellors take on their counterparts from Camp Kawaga. The whole camp is out there watching as the game unfolds. I have just come in and it was 20-13 in favour of Kawaga as I left. I’d like to think that our guys can turn this around, and judging from the cheers I hear they must be doing something right. I doubt I will have a result for you before I publish this, but social media being what it is now, the whole world will hear the result before the clock strikes midnight.

The ‘good guys’ have done well thus far in their staff games. They have already beaten Kawaga at volleyball and Ojibwa at softball, but few teams go the whole season unbeaten. Celtic did it in Scotland last season (soccer, now that you ask), and Arsenal did the same in England in 2004, but it is a rare event indeed. But we shall see.

The day here has been a Big Ten and Leagues day, followed by some TLL this evening. That is about as normal as it gets here. It has been hot and humid, too. Not quite Arizona; more like Florida. It’s cooling off now, but the fans will have to be running once the boys get to bed.

In light of the two late nights we have just had, we are going to be getting up a bit later tomorrow. A half hour extra in bed should do the trick. We really can’t sleep any longer than that because we have lots to do and our day is bound by meal times anyway. If we were still eating breakfast at 10.30, then we’d be back in for lunch at 12.30, and that would be crazy.

STOP PRESS: 27-35 final score in favour of the guys from Minocqua. We’ll get ’em next time.

But win, lose or draw, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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