It’s All Over (for now)

Posted: July 16 2015

‘Don’t cry because we’re leaving; rejoice and be happy that it happened at all’.

We have just had a day of Twilight League Championships, and what an exciting day it has been. We had to finish the senior game after dinner, in the rain, but we finished it! And that was that. Unfortunately the rain washed out the bonfire, so we took the TLL awards into Wasserman Hall where we ended the day with Taps.
What a great 4 weeks this has been. We’ve done so much and had so much fun; maybe that’s why the time flew by in the way that it did.
We would like to thank all the parents for allowing us to do our camp thing with your boys for the first session. For those boys who are leaving tomorrow, we are only too well aware of the many other things you could have done with your time. It is for that reason that we would like to thank you, and your parents, for choosing Menominee as your camping experience this summer. We try to do our best to provide an environment in which the boys can grow and learn and make friends; an environment in which they can master new skills, try new things and be independent. Above all else though, we just want the boys to have fun and be themselves. There is so much pressure on young people today – what with school grades and exams – so hopefully the boys have been able to leave all that behind for a while and just be children.
The pleasure has been all ours.
We look forward to the many parents who will be visiting us over the weekend. I want to remind you all that visiting weekend starts at 3pm tomorrow afternoon.
With your support and your boys, Camp Menominee will go from strength to strength.
All is well in the camping world, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,