July 15, 2019 – What Time Is It? Green Nation Time!

Posted: July 15 2019

Camp Cast

On this very special episode of the podcast I am joined by my longtime friend and CM’s incredible Waterfront Director Jeremy Kohlenbrener. We had another long and packed day at camp so Jeremy does us a favor and gives the campers a break from the podcast so they could get some rest! We cover our first day of Big Ten instructional activities, MCAA League action, the surprising start to Twilight League and the loud, sweaty, fun, spirit filled song and cheer night lead by Woody, Jeremy and (most importantly) the Senior Cabin! You do not want to miss this episode.

Woody’s Word – It’s Raining!!

‘A wise man supports a cause; a fool supports a side’.

We are getting rain tonight, and boy do we need it. The grass is brown and the ground is hard, so I hope it rains all night. The boys have been playing hard all day as we got into Big Ten (our instructional activities) this morning, and our MCAA Leagues this afternoon. To round out the day, we surprised them all with Twilight League (TLL) this evening. That’s a lot of sport for one day! But that’s what we are: a sports camp!

The rain came just as we were finishing TLL, so we got the timing right (or maybe Mother Nature did). Either way, the boys were in the cabins before the worst of the rain came down (with some lightning and thunder to boot). That meant that we could not start Canteen tonight (not such a bad thing given the time), but we did come into Wasserman Hall for Song and Cheer night. This is our traditional first camp fire of the session. It introduces the boys to the songs and cheers that have been learned down the generations. It’s always a loud, raucous affair, as the energy is ratcheted up and everyone is moving.

As the rain falls down and we get nearer midnight please know that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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