Last Day of July

Posted: July 31 2014

‘Learn to listen, then listen to learn’.

We mixed things up a bit today as we did some Green and White and some MCAA league action in the afternoon. The squirt bottles(guns) were out again in the morning as the boys took to the field for Infection, a timed event in which one team has to evade their opponents in a given area and stay un-squirted for the longest. After that we went straight into the Rug Pile – always a fun event to watch – and then the shoe scramble. That all took place in the morning under a hot sun and blue sky.
We went back to leagues this afternoon and followed that with a big dip in the lake to cool off.
This evening saw our first Sing practice. As part of Green and White, the boys get to stand on stage and sing. This is about as different as different could be from the normal things we do here at camp. It is one of those great camp traditions, and one that I think will endure. This year each team have three songs to sing; two from the well-known medley and a colour specific song. The Sing is on Monday evening, so they will need to pay attention to their song sheets and learn the words.
I’m writing this on Thursday morning , the last Thursday of our summer. The internet is fine (for now) and all else is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,