Lazy Day Sunday

Posted: June 26 2017

‘Logic gets you from A to B, but imagination gets you anywhere you want to go.’

The end of our first Lazy Day this summer. Of course it’s not really lazy at all as we continue to do a lot, even for our supposed day off. Cabin activities dominated the morning for most. Some boys were up early for a round of golf out on the local real course, and another 30 or so went to the ice-rink in town to weigh up their skating skills with our resident Canadian skater, Jeff Toombs. So that was a pretty packed morning.

This afternoon it was prime time. This is where the campers have the opportunity to hook up with a counsellor of their choice to maybe do some extra practice out at softball or archery or climbing. They – the campers – are in charge of creating their own schedule for a few hours. Our one stipulation is that they must do something out of the cabin. And they do.

The rain that came late in the afternoon meant that hot-dog cookout had to be hot-dog cook-in. It wasn’t quite the same as cooking in the woods, but everything was so wet that we really had no choice. I used to enjoy cooking over an open fire and going hungry. Oh well. haha

We started movie night at 7.30 (until 9) and finished with Ask the Director at 10.15. A long, but rewarding Lazy Day.

The sky is clear, the air is cool, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,