Lazy Day Sunday

Posted: June 28 2015

‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything….’ Bruno Mars

Except that Lazy Day Sunday is not really like that; at least not here. Yes, it is a different kind of day, but we still have plenty to do.
The boys wake up at 10 – although breakfast is available from 8.30. We then convene in Wasserman Hall for a brief meeting before heading out for cabin activities. This is a great time for the cabins to come together and really get to know each other. The first, and most important, cabin activity has to be to find a campsite. The campsite will be the focal point of hotdog cookout, the place where dinner is served on Sunday evening. Every cabin goes into the woods to find a site to develop, a place where they will eat their hotdogs and chips before returning to the mess hall for Sundaes on Sunday.
In between the morning activity and the beach party we were meant to have, we had a little rain. This forced us into plan B for what was left of the afternoon. Plan B was Prime Time, an opportunity for the boys to choose any counselor they want to do whatever they want with. This could mean some one-on-one coaching, or maybe go for a run.
We have resurrected movie night this year, so at 7.30 this evening the Seniors came into the lodge and everyone else came into Wasserman Hall with their pillows to watch two of the latest from Hollywood.
We have a bright, full moon tonight and all is well. So safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,