Leadership Role for the Campers

Posted: June 25 2014

Counselor/camper switch day has just finished, and we are back in control. I think the two senior cabin members who assumed our roles this morning now have a far greater appreciation of what it takes to run a camp now.
We got off to a soggy start as the heavens opened during breakfast and the rain endured through the morning, offering no respite until just before lunch. That did not stop us though as we came into the mess hall to play ‘Name That Tune’ AND Musical Chairs. Steve and I joined the senior cabin table for lunch after which we enjoyed a long rest period followed by Twilight League. Counselors got to play on teams and the boys were the umpires. Everyone loved the experience of doing something different and playing with the counselors on their respective teams.
After dinner it was Capture the Energy Source and at 9.00 we all came into Wasserman Hall to resurrect an old favorite, Seinfeld (the lost in the garage episode). There was still more to come as the seniors took to the Dunleavy courts for some basketball under the lights.
The program today was designed by the campers and run by the campers and it was great fun.
I’m happy to say that, as a consequence, all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,