London Fog

Posted: July 7 2015

‘It’s just as well there is a change in the weather, or 90% of the population would be unable to start a conversation’.

The weather was the dominant issue today. It was awful! The worst weather day thus far. We knew it was coming so we were prepared, but it put the brakes on activities none-the-less. The thunderstorms kept us inside for the morning. We did Commercial Night, an old skit-night favourite, in Wasserman Hall. This quickly became Imitation Night, but that was ok, as some of the skits and performances were very funny indeed. There was a brief respite immediately after lunch in which it only drizzled a bit, instead of full-on rain. We took this opportunity to get some TLL in before the heavens resumed their emptying. At this point we returned to Wasserman Hall for a hastily convened Alphabet Quiz. We were playing for ‘real’ chocolate, so this kept everyone very interested. (Who ever said that incentives don’t work has never tried standing at the front of an expectant camp crowd with a box of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs on offer).
By the time the evening was upon us the rain had stopped – although the heavy cloud cover remained. This enabled us to get out onto the fields for some TLL soccer, and that was about all we could do.
We made the best of it in the full knowledge that these sorts of days do not come around very often.
We finished in Wasserman Hall with a story from ‘the big chair’, and that was that.
Despite the weather, please know that all is well, so safely rest. Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,