Loving life in the North Woods.

Posted: July 2 2014

‘Not to lose patience when all patience seems gone, is patience indeed’.

Please forgive me for not posting last night, but the internet connection was as slow as can be and the hour was late. However, things seem to speed up in the morning, so here I am bright and bushy-tailed and ready for another day.
The trips arrive back this afternoon and we will be at full-strength once again. The younger boys who remained here have been doing all the things they want to do except for camping out. Both Monday night and Tuesday night were deemed a little unsafe weather-wise, so we did not send them to the campsite. Today is meant to be soooo much better though, so we will probably send all the cabins at once to enjoy a night in the tents.
We have been a little less scheduled and programed while the Seniors have been out of camp. This meant that the boys here could zip and shoot and ski unhindered and for as long as they wanted. We also managed some indoor games – Pass the Parcel and Chase the Ace for example – which we not normally do with everyone here. We also watched the football (soccer) yesterday (for those that wanted to) and that was exciting. So life and fun have been going on. Nothing stops this North Woods cruise.
Life is good and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,