Middle of the Week

Posted: August 3 2017

‘When you’re killing time, make sure you’re not murdering an opportunity.’

The Whites are coming back. I feel sure that this contest will see-saw back and forth all the way to the Relay next week. Runners and Chasers started the day – always one of my favourite games. It looks complicated as you watch the game unfold in front of you, but with some tactical nous and ‘cunning running’ the best team will win. And today it was the Whites.

Bari’s Biffs was our afternoon Green and White event. You have to be fit and fast to play this game. To avoid getting biffed with a sock-full of flour, you have to be able to run all over camp to avoid the biffers, all of whom are hell-bent on catching you and making sure you are marked with flour. The Whites came out on top of this one, too, albeit by a very close score, 179 to 176.

So the White team are right back in it. By way of a change this evening, the Juniors played Twilight League, the Intermediates had free play, and the Seniors played Davis Cup on the tennis courts. We came back together for Song Night in Wasserman Hall, before the 14 year old’s went over to see the girls at Chippewa Ranch Camp, and the Senior cabin went for a night on the town. And the rest of us are going to bed as the mercury heads for the 50s (maybe upper 40s!). Perfect sleeping weather.

It’s our final Thursday tomorrow, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,