Nature Gets Its Revenge

Posted: August 2 2015

‘What is easy is seldom excellent’. Anon

We woke to a storm this morning; a real wet and noisy affair that kept us pegged back inside. In fact, it was two storms, one quickly after the other, with a lot of rain and some hail too. We needed it, in truth, as we have been pretty dry for a while now. But it did stop us from going outside, so we rehearsed Imitation Night instead, and then performed that before lunch, at which point the clouds cleared and the sun came out. The ‘damage’ had been done by then, though, and the trees and the wood and the fields and courts were soaked. That meant that we could not go into the woods to cook dinner as we would normally do on a Sunday evening. So we had hot-dog cookout inside! The boys didn’t mind one bit. Flexibility is the key to camping I seem to recall, so we had to be very flexible to accommodate this change of plan.
Of course, by now, the sun was up and the skies were clear. But that couldn’t hide the fact that the grass was still pretty wet and the wood, for any fire we wanted to make, was unusable.
The evening went as planned – laundry, showers, movies – except for one thing. We were just about to sing Taps in Wasserman Hall when the Senior cabin, who had just been honored, were ‘attacked’ by the Green and White tzars. When I say attacked, I mean that they had Green and White cream pies thrown at them in typical slap-stick fashion. Then the whole camp was invited into the mess hall to have the same done to them in order to determine who was Green and White. I don’t think anyone has ever had so much fun in the mess hall, while simultaneously seeing as much mess. It really was a ‘mess hall’ after that.
Green and White, our colour war is underway, and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,