The North Pole in the Summer

Posted: June 25 2017

‘No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.’

It’s cool in the North Woods on this Saturday night, so the snowflake quote is appropriate I think. While the rest of the world seems to be sweltering, we seem to have hit the bottom of the depression that sucks in the cold air from even further north. It’s not quite heater weather, but an extra blanket tonight will be very welcome.

But we can play in the cool air. I’d rather that than the rain! And play is what we have done today. We stopped things around 3.15 this afternoon and called everyone into Wasserman Hall for a surprise announcement – the one I alluded to yesterday. Although it is difficult to keep things a secret nowadays, I think that Jason did manage to surprise a few boys when he announced the social with Chippewa this evening. We then got into some afternoon Twilight League to make up for the fact that we would not be playing TLL this evening, and everyone seemed very happy at this change of pace for the day.

The social was a great success as the boys competed with one another to see how many (phone) numbers they could get. Not that they could do much with them as I have their phones tucked away in the back of the lodge for safe-keeping. Who needs a phone at summer camp?? Not us!! I feel thoroughly liberated to be away from my mobile device. I don’t do social media – the curse of the modern age – anyway, but it is nice not to have to keep checking that computer in my pocket. I’d far rather be out in the woods, or playing softball, or kicking a ball across a green field. Am I that old-fashioned?
Computers and phones have their place in the world, but not in the small, disconnected world we have made for ourselves up here. We are trying to take the pressure off the boys, and by removing the temptation to Tweet, text, Snapchat and all the rest of that stuff, I think we are helping to make a positive difference to their lives. Life can, will and does go on without being connected to the rest of the world 24 hours a day. Life is, after all, what we make of it. And I know we can make a great life up here without having a phone in our collective back pocket.

Jason wrapped up the evening by announcing Lazy Day Sunday tomorrow. This is the one day of the week when the boys do not have to make their beds (although they can if they want to; and many do), they do not have to do clean-up, and they can sleep in until last call for breakfast at 9.45. How do you like that! Of course the younger boys – and they start at 5 years old this year – are usually up early anyway, so for many of the counsellors it is business as usual. I often think that this might be the best training anyone, male or female, might ever need in preparation for being a parent. It might even put you off being a mum or a dad. haha. As a parent myself, I know only too well how valuable this experience is for anyone interested in helping to raise the population in the years ahead. As an education, this is hard to beat.

But we need to be rested to get the most out of this experience. The lights went out at 10.00 for most of the camp, and mine will be off by 11.00. It’s only 52 degrees, but all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,