Preparation Continues

Posted: July 26 2016

‘Failure to prepare means you are preparing to fail.’

We had some solid workouts today. Everybody is excited about the upcoming competition. Tonight, by way of a taster, the counselors are playing the Kawaga counselors under the lights in Minocqua at the softball park. We have 50 senior boys over there watching the good guys show us how it should be done. Our two other games thus far, (in volleyball and basketball) were not successful, so we are hoping that the tide will turn tonight.

The camper teams are taking shape and the new guys are beginning to realise how important and pivotal this competition is. I do not want the whole summer to revolve around this one event, but for so many people involved with CM now – and in the past – it is something of a highlight of July. Like the Tour de France (that takes place in July), so the CM v Kawaga competition generates the same sort of interest and edge that that great sporting event generates in cycling fans across the world. We are both great camps in our own way, and the healthy rivalry allows the boys to compete in many different sports in a way that intra-camp events do not. Wearing the specially produced game-day shirt instills in the Menominee boy a great sense of pride in his camp. And why not? This is a great place to be and a wonderful institution to represent out on the courts and fields.

Late last night, as Taps was about to blow, we changed the music and got the boys out to the Bob Bender Senior Diamond to receive their shirts. We illuminated the field with car headlights and produced another Kawaga shirt memory. Now those shirts are hanging in the cabins ready for game days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Talking of making memories; tonight we hosted the girls from Chippewa Ranch Camp. Aside from the musical fare, we also, for the first time ever, had a colour run that started on the golf course. I’d never seen this before. At various stations, the campers and counselors were showered with different coloured powders that turned them green of red or blue. There was powder everywhere and lots of different coloured people running all over the place. Having showered to get ready for the girls, the boys then had to shower again after the girls had left! Two showers in one day!! Outrageous!!

They had a lot of fun and their real colour has now been restored, so all is well. Now we can safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,