Posted: August 4 2017

If you do not listen you will not hear; if you do not look you will not see, and if you don’t do those two things then you will not live.’

The weather was as expected today. Although the rain came late, it did, eventually, come and it is still raining as I write this at 9.45 tonight. It was never the torrential rain that the radar suggested, but it has been relentless, and maybe that is just as bad. But the rain will not sit on this ground. It will soak through and leave – in places – little trace of its visit. But believe me when I say we have been soaked today.

It meant that playing outside has been difficult. Our morning game-plan (British Bulldogs) was postponed, so we went inside instead to play Musical Chairs. We made it competitive by making it Green and White, and with a mix-up of games the Whites won 2-1. Improvising and flexibility are some of the keys to camping, as I’m sure you will appreciate. We have no control over the weather, so we have to dance to her tune. The rain eased a little bit before lunch. This enabled the boys to get outside for a little bit, before the rain came back with a vengeance during the meal. And it has rained ever since.

We can play in the rain, at least at some sports, so we did get out mid-afternoon to play the delayed British Bulldogs. Although the rain never really gave up, with rain-gear on we could run around and do something. The Whites seemed to enjoy it, too, as they won this one as well.

Dinner was something of a raucous affair as the rain continued apace. The Senior cabin could not stop singing, and where they lead, others follow. I don’t think I’ve heard the mess hall so loud and so happy for a long time. The rain may dampen the grass, but it does not appear to dampen the spirit of these campers.

And so to Rock Band, our evening campfire. We had guitars and piano, singing and drumming and a little dancing, too. We have some talent here! We might be a sports camp, but we can do other stuff as well.

So, all is well, despite the rain and the cold, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,