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  • Max Weingardt (8th Year)

    Hi, I’m Max Weingardt and I’m 17. My nickname around camp is the Sheriff. Next year I’ll be a senior at Highland Park High School. I have been a camper at Menominee for 6 years, a CIT for 1 year, and this will be my first year as an assistant at camp. You will usually find me all around camp helping out with anything that I can do to help campers and the staff. Menominee is a place where people can go and feel comfortable no matter who they are or what they like to do. I’m excited to spend another summer up in the north woods.

  • Nurse Dawn (7th Year)

    Hi everyone! I am Nurse Dawn. Everyone calls me Nurse Dawn! I have been called Nurse Dawn for 7 years now at Camp Menominee!! How fun is that???  I will be giving your camper any medications that they may have and also trying to make sure that they stay healthy while attending Camp Menominee. We endeavor to do this by regularly checking their living environment, (cabin cleanup) (YAY DQ!!!) doing a quick check on them when they arrive and if they have any health concerns while here. If you have any concerns you can reach me on CampMinder email. Here’s to the Sensational Summer of I Bleed Green 17!!!! (and if you actually do bleed green while at camp, I’ll have a bandaid for you…)

  • Jackson Weil (6th Year)

    My name is Jackson Weil and this will be my 6th summer at the Friendly Confines and my first year on staff. I am from Northbrook, Illinois and I am currently a junior at Glenbrook North High School. During the year I am involved in my school newspaper and a member of the volleyball team. At camp you can find me doing a variety of things from shooting hoops on the Dunleavy Courts to hitting bullseyes at the archery range. I’m extremely excited for this summer and I can’t wait to catch up with those of you I already know and to meet all you new guys!

  • Kyle Goldman (5th Year)

    Hey everybody! My name is Kyle Goldman and this will be my 5th summer at the friendly confines. I am from Los Angeles, California and will be a freshman in college this year. I am a 4 year varsity football player and love to pass on my football knowledge and experience to the campers. You can also find me down by the waterfront where I am a lifeguard and boat driver. I can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces and to meet all of the 1st year campers. Lets make this summer a great one!

  • Jake Herman (5th Year)

    Hey, my name is Jake Herman and I’m so excited to be returning for my 5th summer and 1st on staff! I’m from Potomac, MD just outside of DC and during the offseason I play for my school’s ultimate frisbee team and write for my school newspaper. At the friendly confines, you’ll find me at some of my favorite activities such as softball, basketball, and ultimate. Camp is truly a special place, and I can’t wait to be back for another amazing summer. See you all soon!

  • Josh Ingram (4th Year)

    Hi everyone, my name is Josh Ingram. I am 24 years old and I am from Leicester, UK. This will be my 4th year at the friendly confines and I could not be more excited to be back. As head of soccer, you can usually find me out on Woody’s Pitch coaching the USA World Cup winning team of 2026. I also oversee Archery/Riflery as well as helping out at the climbing wall. My favorite part about camp is beating the other camp in our annual competition. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  • Julius Oni (4th Year)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Julius and this will bey my 4th year at Menominee. I work as a PE teacher and Head Athletic Director at Agassiz Elementary School in Chicago’s Lincoln Park/Lakeview neighborhood. I am passionate about sports, football in particular! I’m thrilled to return home to Camp after a short hiatus, and I look forward to seeing alumni and meeting new campers.

  • Navid Rodd (3rd Year)

    Hi everyone! My name is Navid Rodd and this is my 3rd year at camp Menominee.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is finishing and I am an incoming college Freshman. At camp this summer, you will find me on the basketball court or football field. I can’t wait to see all the familiar faces as well as meet all the newest members of Menominee.

  • Hunter Roberts (3rd Year)

    Hey everyone my name is Hunter Roberts and I am 17 years old. This will be my 3rd summer at camp and my first on staff. During the off season I attend Deerfield High School and I play on the varsity football team. At camp you can usually find me on the football field, or on the softball diamond. I am very excited to see all my friends at my home away from home and can’t wait to meet the new guys. Bleed Green!

  • Marc Goodman (2nd Year)

    My name is Marc Goodman and I am from Phoenix, Arizona and I am a freshman at The University of Arizona studying political science and business. This year will be my second at Menominee and I can not wait for another great summer. At camp you can find me all over at riflery, archery, football, and basketball. I am so excited to enjoy another amazing summer at Camp Menominee!