To Succeed At Wisconsin Summer Camp – First Believe You Can!

Posted: June 17 2014

‘To succeed, we must first believe that we can’ Anon.

2014 is upon us and all systems are go at our favorite Wisconsin Summer Camp, Menominee!

Welcome back to the Friendly Confines of Camp Menominee folks. The horrible winter is behind us and the summer is about to begin. My name is WOODY and I’m back in the ‘chair’ alongside Steve and Bari for another great summer in the North Woods.

Whether camp is new to you this year or you are a veteran, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone connected with the Green and White of Camp Menominee for this 14th camping season of the 21st century.

Camp is a great place to be during June, July and August, and this camp is particularly special for many reasons. We’ve been around a while – this is our 87th summer – and we’ve endured two world wars, a great Depression, the radical 60s and, more recently, competition from a whole host of other ‘distractions’. Yes, folks, we are still around, keeping those camp fires burning.

The buses pulled in yesterday afternoon and delivered their important cargo of camp-hungry boys. Everyone jumped straight into things so that by dinner all the campers were signed up for their activities and teams. After a little getting-to know-you stuff and showering (the boys have to shower every night, ‘you gotta be clean if you want canteen’) it was into the Rec Hall for the all-camp candy party. This is a traditional first-night sugar blow-out where the boys get to eat all the candy and food they have brought to camp. So we packed a lot into a short space of time.

This morning we woke to a beautiful blue sky and it remained that way all day as the temperature hit 83 degrees by mid-afternoon! What a scorcher! It’s hard to believe that 5 weeks ago there was ice ON the lake, but today we had boys IN the lake. We had the photographer in all morning while we got into our Final Four instructional program (more about that tomorrow), and then we threw the guys a curve ball as we started Twilight League this afternoon! How do you like that!?!

As I write this on this warm and still evening the boys have just finished the Sandcastle building competition (go Cabin 4!!). They are now in the showers and getting ready for Canteen. We don’t want to wear them out so we shall be having an early night tonight.

So camp is well underway and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,