The Sun Shines and The Wind Blows

Posted: July 13 2016

‘Do as well as you can do today and perhaps, tomorrow, you may be able to do even better.’

I’m back! Another night of gremlins and one night of coming home too late put paid to the Word for the last two nights. We were late home last night after the counselor softball game at Camp Ojibwa. We took the senior age group with us to watch a real close game, a game that ended 8-7 in favour of OJ. The men in green had taken an early lead but were soon pegged back by some aggressive hitting by the OJ guys. We never regained the lead, but it was a stellar performance by Menominee none-the-less.

Earlier in the day the Sun and Wind competition got underway with a counselor disagreement at the flag pole. This was hastily diffused and Sun and Wind was declared. This is a great competition because the counselors get to play with the boys, and the boys really enjoy that. With British Bulldogs, the Silent Meal, Capture the Energy Source, Runners and Chasers already played, it looks like the Wind are starting to blow hard.

Town Day on Sunday was something of a washout as the rain, when it came, never really let up. We managed to get a lot of shopping done before the deluge, but it did mean that the Minocqua Bats ski show was a non-starter. Oh well; there’s always next session.

As I write this the boys are watching the All-Star game, at least until 10.00. It’s been a long hard day with the boys doing a lot of running as Sun and Wind takes shape. And there’s more to come tomorrow. The show goes on no matter what. But at least all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,