Super Social Saturday

Posted: July 19 2014

‘No road is long with a friend at your side’.

And talking of friends…we were with many of our close friends at the Super Social at Camp Kawaga in Minocqua this afternoon. To help them celebrate 100 years of camping, a number of camps were invited over to play games and dance and socialize in the weekend sunshine. There must have been close to 1500 people there, equally divided between boys and girls camps. It was great to able to see close friends from home and friends from overseas and indeed, make new friends too. For a lot of boys there were sisters to catch up with as well. It was a social to remember and a wonderful afternoon.
We did not get home until 6.15 which meant that we did not eat dinner till late, but that was ok. We nixed our early evening program as a result and had a long shower and dip instead before relaxing at canteen. As darkness wrapped its eerie cloak about us we headed out to the Mike Dunleavy courts (yes, Mike Dunleavy of the Chicago Bulls did indeed come to camp here back in the ’90s) and switched on the lights for some slam-dunking-three-pointing-skills contest. Having lights on the courts means that we can extend the day, at least as far as basketball is concerned.
I’m writing this as the boys now get ready for bed. It’s been a long day, but a good day. As it’s Saturday there will be Lazy day tomorrow. What this means is that we wake up a little later than usual – 10.00 – and have more of an informal, less structured kinda day. Everyone loves Lazy Day Sunday, and why not. We have all been working hard this week to help make camp the great experience we know it can be, so if we can take things a little easier tomorrow, I think we have deserved the right to do that.
That’s almost a whole week gone already!! It’s unbelievable how fast things move up here. Sometimes the days feel like weeks, but the weeks also feel like days. We plan on making every second count while we are here, and in order to do that we all need some sleep. The North Woods air is the best for sleeping, so I am going to take my leave and reassure you on leaving that all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,