Surprise Social

Posted: June 30 2016

‘If you can’t be a good example, you might have to be a horrible warning.’

At 11.30 this morning we surprised the boys with the news of the social this afternoon. We were going to go to Minocqua to party with the girls from Camp Agawak. We managed to keep this one relatively quiet and secret, which, given social media and cell phones, was no mean feat. We arrived there at 2.30ish and we had the best time playing on their impressive waterfront, eating their snow-cones and dancing to the music from the DJ booth that overlooks the lake. We had the perfect weather for, what was essentially, a beach party. Our boys – your boys – were the perfect gentlemen; polite and well-mannered. I like to think that that is the way we always carry ourselves, be it at a social or in town. We set high standards and we expect our boys to be proper Menominee men, and (for the most part) they are just that. It was a great afternoon at a great camp, and we look forward to hosting a return social later in the summer.

With the sun still blazing we played some more TLL this evening. I think TLL has to be the favourite activity after dinner here at CM. And why not when you have the perfect evening for it. The sound of bat on ball and the cries of the players as their team-mates race around the bases has become the quintessential sound of camp.

As I write this the rest of the camp are in the rec’ hall finishing up Cabin Feud. Taps will blow in 20 mins or so and will bring to an end a really good day. I’m being honest and sincere when I say that all is well, so safely rest. We will.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,